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The 5-year plan

December 31st, 2008 at 02:33 pm

I know it's weird but I figured what the heck, I don't go back to work until Monday and I enjoyed doing it. The plan assumes a few things:

1) That I don't lose my job (natch)
2) That I get annual raises of at least 3% all of which will be rolled into my 401K
3) That my Jeep lasts.

So here goes:



Home Equity Loan: $35, 137
Student Loan: $9840
Credit Card: $5922


401K: $3515
Savings Account: $1828
Roth IRA: $1520
Currently making no contributions to either EF or savings account.


March: pay off credit card
March: increase deposits to emergency fund
July: resume contributions to 401K to get company match

July: complete 1 year emergency fund. Balance: $30,000
July: begin accelerated payoff of student loan. Balance: $9300
December: pay off student loan

January: begin accelerated payoff of home equity loan. Balance: $32,000
August: daughter begins college. Projected annual costs: $20,000. My share: $7500 per year. Keeping fingers crossed she gets scholarships.

February: pay off home equity loan
February: put aside money to pay my share of daughter's college costs for 2011-2012, 2012-2013. Needed: $15,000
August: complete savings for daughter's college costs
September: resume contributions to Roth IRA
September: resume contributions to emergency fund
December: max out Roth IRA for year

January: continue contributions to Roth IRA to max out this year
January: increase contributions to 401(K) to max $15,500 for the year
January: put aside money to pay daughter's college costs for 2013-2014
January: start saving for son's college fund
January: contribute excess monies to emergency fund. projected: $6000

The great thing is that by accelerating my debt payoff I'll be able to put aside between $25,000 and $30,000 per year with no decrease in my standard of living. Woo-hoo!

Extra paycheck! What do you usually do with yours?

December 1st, 2008 at 05:03 pm

One of the things I like about this job is that although I'm a salaried employee, I get paid bi-weekly. At my last job for a university, I got paid once a month and at the job before that I got paid twice a month(fed. govt). So it's really great to have two paychecks a year that I don't have to pay a single bill out of. In my old life, I would have treated myself to something frivolous but I am through with that mindset and I am looking forward to using my upcoming "freebie" to seriously pay down my debt. Once that's gone, I'll dedicate it to my savings goals. I'm excited.