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You need to pay your bill? It'll cost you...

November 3rd, 2007 at 07:52 am

Like a lot of people I pay all of my bills with credit cards, not only to get the cashback but because it is great for recordkeeping. It also cuts down on the number of bills I have to manage with online bill pay. Therefore I always look for an opportunity to use a credit card to pay my bills when possible.

So when I received my bill for my car tag I pored over it very carefully to see what my options would be for paying it, not only in terms of cash back but for convenience. According to the bill, there is a charge for using MC or VISA but not for Discover card which you can use in person. Imagine how angry I was when I went to pay my bill this morning and was told that there would be a $3.00 surcharge! I absolutely do not believe in paying a surcharge to use my credit card and I would have never walked in there with only a credit card had I known. (I don't bother carrying checks as it is just one more thing to clutter up my purse). The clerk was under the impression that this surcharge was required by my CC company. I didn't bother to correct her and explain that this charge was made to the county but that the county was passing it on to me. That's their prerogative I suppose but they should have at least made it clear on the bill that there was a charge, then I could have . So now I'm writing a little letter to the Dekalb county Commissioner. I hope they don't try to tell me that the CC payments are solely for my convenience; they probably saving thousands in bounced check fees from those who are unable to pay their fees in full at the time they are due. The idea of paying somebody for the privilege of paying your bills is just insane.