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Co-worker doesn't respect my frugality

October 4th, 2008 at 05:19 pm

Since I've started my new job, I've struggle to try to fit in. I'm a loner by nature but I know that until people get to know you, being a loner can be mistaken for being stand-offish so try to come out of my shell a little, at least until my probation is up.Smile

The lady who works on my team is the one I am having the most difficult time with. She is very social and is constantly wanting to buy gifts for people for this and that for which I am expected to chip in, she wanted us to buy company shirts so we could dress alike (*sigh*) and she always wants to go out to lunch. Most of the time I turn her down. She rarely wants to do something that doesn't cost money. I do not go to work just so I can spend it all on trivial things.

I bring my lunch every day. Every day. Such is my state of financial affairs. I have went out to lunch a couple of times with the group but apparently they go out a couple of times a month for these lunches and I can see that this will get real expensive real fast. Last time, the birthday lunch cost me $26 dollars which is more than I usually spend on lunch in 2 weeks time.

Last week, I politely declined to go out with the gang. No one else seemed to care but this particular co-worker rolled her eyes and accused me of being difficult to get to know.

The new challenge is that she texts me constantly usually to let me know that she has arrived and for me to let her know if I'm enroute and when I am expected. I do not have unlimited texting on my phone and these texts cost me. I was looking at my cell bill today and I'm going to have to tell her to knock off the text pages; I bet she'll think I'm just being a meanie. Any suggestions for how I can approach this subject for someone who is basically clueless?