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It's all closing in

August 17th, 2007 at 05:13 pm

Well in the middle of this kick-ass heat wave we're having down here, our central air died. DIED! My brother is an industrial heating and air conditioning guy and he'd advised us we're going to need a new one; the guy from the residential air place confirmed it. That's $4073 that I had no intention of spending. I feel so deflated. The only good thing about this is that for once my husband and I are going to work together to pay it off. I put the whole thing on a credit card at 1.99% interest, rearranged some bills that I was trying to pay off early and we should be through paying for it in 4 months. By my estimate, we'll pay less than $100 bucks for finance charges.

Add to that the cost of putting the kids back in school(supplies and fees for band and football) plus the bloodbath on the stock market(not that I had a lot invested anyway) and I am feeling pretty blue this week.

Here are some current numbers and you can see my "progress" over the past 4 months.

Student Loan: $10,774.56(May) $10640
Credit Card: $8,894.73(May) $8319.73
Auto Loan: $12,325.50(May) $10558.05

Savings $2239(May) $2637.75
Roth IRA $2,698.40(May) $2507.26
Individual stocks $2,026.60 $1921.19
403B $1753(May) $2285